Welcome to Flying W Ranch

Flying W Ranch is located in Crockett County, Texas 7 miles east of Ozona. Owned by Steve and Belinda Wilkins, the land has been in Steve’s family for 4 generations. The land is rocky, arid land that when there is enough rain will grow abundant native grasses that are excellent in nutrition. Our cattle have the fortitude to range in large pastures, while also can adapt in dryer times, and yet still breed and produce.

Our breeding philosophy and a little about us…
Breeding philosophy: Our breeding program focused on line breeding to produce consistent genetics so our customers can be confident our animals will perform like they look and do what their EPDs predict. Only by concentrating genetics can this happen. All of the successful breeding programs in the Brahman breed have used this method and endured the test of time.

Our breeding program is based on using 5 to 6 great cow lines that have produced well for over 40 years in our herd. We breed these cow families to Line bred herd sires from genetics that have for the past 20 years been based on John Jefcoat genetics. We line breed these herd sires cross breeding the cow lines each bull is out of `to concentrate the genetics and traits we think are desirable while getting further away in relationship. This creates cattle that will produce consistently and create a genetic jump when out crossed onto other lines of Brahman genetics. . This has been a lifetime progression as we have been doing this since 1972. What you get with our genetics is our 40 plus years added to Jefcoats 40 plus years, which means incredibly productive cattle with excellent carcass traits that will work today. We strive to breed gentle, fertile, productive cattle that are clean underlined, muscular, sound, moderate framed and attractive that will work any where in the world. This line breeding for phenotype and genotype guarantees genetic consistency for our customers. Our genetics are an excellent outcross for todays most popular Brahman genetics. We have always stressed fertility and that is evident with our 40 maternal merit cow awards (32 elite and 8 supreme) and 7 maternal merit sires. We have used ultrasound since 2011 and have integrated the data from that into our breeding program by identifying the genetics to improve carcass traits. We are also using DNA technology in selection and in our matings to increase markers for tenderness, which will lead to more tender cattle as we go forward. We are excited about the future in our program and want to share our excitement and our genetics to help improve this great breed of cattle.

Give us a call today at 325-392-3491 or come by and see us. We would love to visit with you!

2016 American Brahman Breeder Association Performance Breeder of the year