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Welcome to Flying W Ranch
Our breeding philosophy and a little about us…
Flying W Ranch is located in Crockett County, Texas 7 miles east of Ozona. Owned by Steve and Belinda Wilkins, the land has been in Steve's family for 4 generations. The land is rocky, arid land that when there is enough rain will grow abundant native grasses that are excellent in nutrition. Our cattle have the fortitude to range in large pastures, while also can adapt in dryer times, and yet still breed and produce.

Our breeding philosophy focuses on line breeding our best and most productive cow lines and our foundation herd sires’ lines to produce consistent genetics that will perform for our customers. The females in our current herd predominately trace back to 6 foundation cows that carry some of ABBA's greatest genetics such as JDH Rex Manso, Sugarlands Rexcrata 1-229/3, and Lok-Mor-Suville 11.

Flying W Ranch’s foundation herd sires trace back to Imperator, Sugarlands Poncrata 100, JTW Didor Ferno Manso 449, Jk Sugar Crata 45 and WR Mr, Suva 203. Our cattle are based on production, we stress fertility, muscling ,overall conformation and soundness, eye appeal and function. Our line breeding for phenotype and genotype guarantees the genetic consistency so that our cattle will breed the way our customers expect.
As we studied the most successful Brahman breeders over the history of the breed, all of them used some form of line breeding, either for phenotype, genotype or both. We stress a balance of traits to breed cattle that are productive, fertile, and muscular with our unique attractive style. By using our genetics we can help our customers be 30 years down the road to success.  Because our genetics are so focused, Flying W Ranch cattle are also an excellent outcross to many of today’s popular Brahman lines.

Give us a call today at 325-392-3491 or come by and see us. We would love to visit with you!
Home Maternal Efficiency Carcass Quality Fantastic Females Herd Sires Sales Contact Us
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